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Question asked by navraj kumar

navraj kumar
April 6, 2017

Can we treat Urticaria (Hives) at home?

My age is 25 years and body weight 70 kg.
I am suffering from urticaria for the past 2 years. I have consulted many doctors but have not got cured. Also, I am having eczema since last 2.5 years on my both ankles. Kindly help me.



2 Answers

  • navraj kumar  / April 10, 2017
    Answered by navraj kumar

    As i shared earlier that i have visited many doctors including allergists also, but havn't got any cure for this.... If you can suggest me any cure for this, then please do this to me...

  • Team OMH  / April 10, 2017
    Answered by Team OMH

    Thank you for your question.
    Avoiding triggers help to tackle Urticaria better.
    You better consult an allergist, so as to identify whether treatment is available for the same or not.
    There is no cure for eczema as of now. Affected skin can be treated to p...  more



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