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Question asked by Narayan

April 28, 2015

Can losing considerable weight mean diabetes?

My uncle has lost close to 10-15 pounds in two weeks. His feet look too small. Could he have diabetes?



2 Answers

  • Rohit Thakur  / April 28, 2015
    Answered by Rohit Thakur

    Losing weight and having bad feet do not necessarily justify a diagnosis of Diabetes. Symptoms such as chronic intense thirst and frequent urination may be a cause of some concern and a visit to your Doctor may be in order.

  • Shakun  / April 28, 2015
    Answered by Shakun

    People get diabetes type II because their bodies can't produce enough insulin. The feet of a person with diabetes may change and also the weight. To be sure of what has caused it, you need to see a doctor.



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