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Question asked by Gitika

November 21, 2013

Could fibroids be a cause for infertility

I am suffering from fibroids and have very little libido. My concern if I am infertile or am likely to be infertile because of fibroids.



2 Answers

  • Kishore Sen  / December 2, 2013
    Answered by Kishore Sen

    Fibroids are one of the most common benign tumors that affect reproductive-age women. It is believed that uterine fIbroids can affect the uterine cavity and stop the implantation. Therefore, growth of a baby. Studies have linked intramural fibroids and lo...  more

  • Sangram Rathi  / November 28, 2013
    Answered by Sangram Rathi

    Fibroids have also been implicated in conception problems such as implantation failure, as well as an increased risk of miscarriage. There is a study that found women with fibroids may have as much as a 14 percent risk of miscarriage compared to a 7 perce...  more



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