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Question asked by UshaIoN

April 21, 2016

My daughter is going through a break up. what do I do?

My 16 years old daughter was in a relationship with a boy in her school but recently the boy left her. She is heart broken. She would cry for hours, she would not talk to us, doesn't eat anything. I'm worried, what am I supposed to do.



2 Answers

  • Savannah   / May 9, 2016
    Answered by Savannah

    I've went through something like this last year. All you have to do is be there for her , but also give her time to heal. My mom was there for me an so was my brother. What got me through it was this: God had better plans for me an he broke up with me cau...  more

  • Komalchadda  / May 1, 2016
    Answered by Komalchadda

    Talk to her, don't be a mother but be a friend to her. Hear her out, try and don't preach, It wont help. Just be a friend.



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